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The Anglican Communion Office, based in St. Andrew’s House, London, England, is the permanent secretariat for the Instruments of Communion.

It was established with the formation of the Anglican Consultative Council in 1968, and was primarily intended to support communications between churches and provinces.

Today, its 25 or so international staff, under the direction of the Secretary General, serve the Anglican Consultative Council, the Primates' Meetings and the Lambeth Conference, as well commissions, committees and groups that emerge from time to time, as the need arises. 

It acts as a hub for visiting Anglican/Episcopal leaders and for information about Anglican Communion – its past, present and future.

The work of the office is supported by an inter-Anglican budget which is funded by contributions from the member churches and other grant-making bodies.

Annual Review

Read about the work of Anglican Communion Office staff based in the UK and around the world in our latest Annual Review covering 2012.

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