The Anglican Way

Throughout its life and work TEAC has had a particular interest and concern for improving the teaching of the teaching of ‘The Anglican Way’ in theological education. Both the Aim and Rationale of TEAC make this clear.

The brief of the TEAC Target (Sub) Group which focused on the Anglican Way included as part of its aim ‘Understanding and describing our unique ethos and contribution to the wider Church’.

Grids on the Anglican Way

TEAC has produced two grids which seek to set out in tabular form information relating to the Anglican Way in theological education

  • One of the grids sets out what training in the Anglican Way is appropriate and necessary for the different forms of ministry whose training TEAC is exploring ( Anglican Way Part One).
  • The other grid makes some suggestions as to the locations and means by which this necessary training may be obtained. ( Anglican Way Part Two)

Signposts on a Common Journey

The ‘Signposts’ initiative stems out of the work of the Anglican Way Group, and in particular the meeting of the Anglican Way held in Singapore in Singapore in May 2007. The key short  document The Anglican Way: Signposts on a Common Journey  sets out a number of ‘signposts’ which  are designed to point the way to a clearer understanding of Anglican identity.  This document is available in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Swahili .

Signposts series

Building on the structure of the ‘Signposts’ document is it intended to produce a series of short (3000 word booklets) to be known as the ‘Signposts series’ which will be designed with both clergy and laity in mind, to expand on particular topics and themes within the document. The booklets will be available electronically – and possibly also in hard copy format. For more information about the coming  ‘Signposts’ series see here.

Bibliographies of books on Anglican Studies

There are two bibliographies available of key books on Anglican studies.

  • A booklist of key texts on Anglican Studies which TEAC believes should be in the library of all theological institutions training people for the ordained Anglican ministry.

  • A booklist designed with lay people in mind.

Web resources

TEAC will produce a page which gives web references for the original texts and writings produced by a number  important classical Anglican figures (e.g. Richard Hooker, Lancelot Andrews).  On the Project Canterbury website  you will also find a wider range of references and resources linked to many figures in the history of Anglicanism.

Our page of theological resources also gives a number of references to helpful material linked to various aspects of Anglican studies e.g. liturgy, doctrine, history.