Anglican missiology

Affirmed by meetings of both the Lambeth Conference and the Anglican Consultative Council the Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Communion is the nearest thing the Anglican Communion has to an ‘official’ statement about mission. The statement of the Five Marks – and a brief commentary on them – can be found here.

The documents produced by the three recent Mission Commissions of the Anglican Communion, IASCOMEMISSIO and MISAG II also offer useful resources for serious study of Anglican mission thinking

What is missiology

is a brief  definition of what missiology is –  useful since ;missiology’ is quite an elusive word to get a handle on.
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Peace or pieces? Anglican unity, communion and the mission of God
an article by Revd Mike McCoy in the Anitepam Journal 2006 – poses some questions about the use and understanding of these Five Marks 
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The World Council of Churches website has some useful online statements and articles linked to mission. Of particular interest may be this statement about the link between mission and evangelism in unity today link Link to Article   
and a discussion about the concept of reconciliation as mission 
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There are a number of resources available via the website of the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS).   A list of contents of Mission Studies, the IAMS journal can be found here,  and some complete articles can also be accessed.

The Crowther Centre, recently established in Oxford by CMS Britain as a resource for mission thinking, contains a number of useful resource articles on its website.
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Of particular interest may be the online catalogue of its library, which has a special focus on mission studies and can be accessed here 
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